Goodbye Ash Trees

The ash trees in our part of NY are dying. Emerald Ash Borers (EAB) have been killing them.  Since the unintentional introduction of the Emerald Ash Borers from Asia in 1990’s, the infestation has spread rapidly.  Many foresters believe that a total irradication of the North American ash species may result.  During our first summer on the farm we noticed several dead ash trees in the hedgerows.  In the years since the problem has become worse.  Wherever we drive in our area, we see standing dead ash trees. The adults eat some of the… Read More

A Slaughterer Speaks

We received a great question that we felt deserved a longer answer. Hello, I came across your farm in my search for a meat CSA. Your website is very informative but I find some important specifics missing regarding slaughtering and butchering, would you be able to tell me more information about the processing please. Also, I found your photograph above, that of two individuals butchering a dead animal immediately adjacent to living pigs fearfully watching the entire ordeal vexing, is this how you normally butcher the CSA meat? Any question related to… Read More