Cattle Proof Water Trough

Update Jan 2016:  We moved the trough and made some plumbing improvements in this follow-up post. Last week we set up a new water trough for the cattle in the area where they’ll be bale grazing this winter.  We started building drinking troughs out of heavy equipment tires two years ago.  Tire tanks are heavy enough to stand up to charging cattle and rooting hogs.  In winter they do freeze, but with the combination of the heat absorption of the black rubber and the insulation provided by their thick sides, they resist freezing… Read More

Refrigerated Eggs?

We received this question from a Facebook follower: I read about this a while back and wanted to ask your thoughts on the issue. Forgot about it until I came across this NPR bit in my newsfeed. What do you do with your eggs/chickens?  NPR:  Why the US Chills Its Eggs and Most of the World Doesn’t Here’s what we know from our experience:  chicken eggs do not spoil on our counter top in the summer if eaten within 30 days.  How do we know?  We’ve kept eggs unrefrigerated for one month…. Read More

Saying Good-bye to the Mama Cat

Mama Cat is slipping away today. She has produced a remarkable amount of kittens (most of whom must have gone to feed coyotes) in the last 3 years, and we will miss her mousing prowess. We noticed a few months ago as the mama cat was preparing to kindle that she had some growths on her breasts.  We don’t know what happened to the two kittens she had.  But almost as soon as we realized they were gone, we could see her big with another kindle. She delivered in our milk shed… Read More