Triple Threat

In a three way fight, who wins in this sequence:  bald eagle, Coopers hawk, or redwing blackbird?

My camera couldn’t resolve the pictures of these birds in flight, but you might be surprised that the little blackbird came out the ultimate avian champion.  A bald eagle was soaring overhead today, but apparently it was in a hawk’s territory so the hawk kept flapping and pestering until the eagle left.  In the struggle against the eagle, the hawk encroached on a blackbird’s nesting site and a diminutive blackbird used the same techniques the hawk had employed seconds before.  Actually, the blackbird was more aggressive, not just creating interference, but dive bombing the hawk repeatedly.  And once again, the harassment was effective and the smaller bird chased off a much larger opponent.

If I were Malcolm Gladwell I would use this observation to give you insight into the competitive advantages that blackbirds have over hawks and eagles and then I’d explain how this has analogs in the ways successful people comport themselves.  But I’ll let Malcolm do that stuff.  I’m just working on my 10,000 hours

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