October 2015

Hard at Work

You work twice as hard to be a farmer as to be his hog.  Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes I think “twice as hard” simultaneously underestimates the farmer’s workload and overestimates the contribution of the pigs, but the general idea is right.  Not that the pigs don’t do any work.  They have been working all

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I first encountered the word trencherman about five years ago.  The word “trencher” is so much more robust than “plate” or “bowl” and not nearly as uppity as “charger”.  But if we think about trencher in its original form as a slab of stale bread, the term is even more evocative.  Trencherman brings to mind a hale

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Whipped Spit

“…the foam which flows from the mouth of wild boars, and many other things- though they are far from being beautiful, if a man should examine them severally- still, because they are consequent upon the things which are formed by nature, help to adorn them, and they please the mind; so that if a man

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What really gets us excited? How about a portable, modular pig corral?

Raising pigs on pasture eliminates the need for a lot of fancy, costly infrastructure, but it occasionally requires specialized equipment particularly suited to our situation.  Since we aren’t doing all-in, all-out groups of pigs, we need to sort groups from time to time, removing a few pigs for transport to the butcher, separating piglets for weaning,

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