Just for Fun: Be Against Trampled

Be Against Trampled

AJ spotted this goofy warning as we unloaded boxes today: “Be Against Trampled.”  I should think so.

Sounds like either a public safety campaign or an edgy name for a band.

We’ll throw the box in with the pigs and see what they make of it.  I don’t think they’ll have any compunctions about trampling it.

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  1. This kind of thing so tickles my funny bone. I bought Normandy a hot water bottle five or so years ago and had to write down the instructions they cracked me up so. Here they are –

    1 Heat water bag is use in medical treatment health and common live to get warm.
    2 The water temperature that the heat water bag used should be around 90 C. The water should be not over 2/3 than the capacity of the heat water bag.
    3 After filling water, must let the air in the heat water bag out and let the screw tight. Check if there is leak water phenomenon.
    4 When baby use the heat water bag, should let the heat water bag a little far from baby.
    5 When the heat water bag is used or storage must avert it to be weight on or stabed, not touch sour, alkali, oil and sunlight shoot.
    6 Storage heat water bag should fill a little air inside. Put it in shady environment.
    7 The dirt on the heat water bag can be washed by soap water than use water to wash it clean.
    8 The heat water bag should not be put in the display window so long time, especially the display window in the sunlight shoot.

    • The thing about automatic translation is that occasionally you get brilliant constructions that are also syntactically correct, or nearly so. I could just picture a bunch of professors from the Mathematics department trying to hook up the new K-cup machine in their office. “Check if there is leak water phenomenon.”
      Thanks for sharing.

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