Pumpkins a Plenty

AJ and I picked 8 cubic yards of pumpkins last night.  They came from the Mast family farm, the folks whose maple syrup and honey we’ve recently added to our store.  We picked up the obviously unsaleable ones this time, then we’ll go back after Halloween to clear the rest of the field. Pumpkins are an interesting crop, being a food item that is now grown almost entirely for non-food uses.  Since decorative concerns outweigh all other considerations, nobody wants to buy them unless they are in great cosmetic condition.  So besides the obvious rejections… Read More

Now That’s Heavy

This morning the dispatcher at a milk bottling plant asked to stop by with a 4,000 gallon load.  Based on previous conversations I was expecting to get a tanker of near expiration milk, but instead I got a load of 40% Heavy Cream. Most folks who’ve been to the farm know that cheese whey is a cornerstone to our pig program, for a few reasons.  It is a locally available and free food source, so it makes good sense environmentally in terms of carbon and nitrogen cycling and it makes sense economically…. Read More

Dry Cured Spanish Salami

It’s here!  The first of what we hope will become a lineup of Wrong Direction Farm charcuterie products. We’re excited to offer an authentic dry cured salami from the Spanish Catalan tradition.  Fuet is a simple, rustic salami in the larger chorizo family.  Fuet doesn’t depend on heavy-handed spice blends, instead it focuses primarily on the pork.  Fermented and dried for eight weeks in a sequence of carefully controlled drying chambers until half the weight is lost to evaporation, the result is an intense pork flavor. This was produced for us by… Read More

Maple Syrup in Stock

I enjoyed photographing our latest addition to our online store:  quarts and gallons of maple syrup.  The timing was serendipitous as this week our maple trees have transitioned to their fall colors.  The three big sugar maples by the road are a mottle of yellow and green and the smaller maple near the greenhouse is a potent red.  All along the hedgerows the same color scheme is alternating in contrast with the other hardwood trees that haven’t quite given up on their late-summer green.  I love it. Our customers have been asking us for… Read More

More on Annual Forages

Last week we turned the cattle in to the pasture where I seeded millet in July.  For reference you might also want to read Edmund Brown’s recent blog post as we both try to figure how to make this work on our Upstate NY grazing farms.  I realize that this topic has limited interest, but I’ve got to keep harping on it because I’m convinced there are big dividends awaiting if we can figure out a way to grow annuals without over-investing in equipment and without diminishing our soil and water resources. Last month I did a writeup… Read More