Mud Seeding

I had plans to frost seed the bale grazing areas in March when the temperatures were ideal (20s at night, low 30s during the day).  But then we had a few feet of snow and all those plans were put on hold.

This weekend I did my best to spin the seeds out counting on a light frost Monday morning.  It was more mud seeding than frost seeding.  Conditions were far from ideal.  I had to gun the four wheeler through the muddy parts, slaloming diagonally across the field, so I’m sure the seed distribution is inconsistent.  The vehicle and I both finished the job “rode hard and put up wet”, since there wasn’t much point in washing either of us since the next jobs of the day were equally filthy.

Bespattered Four Wheeler

Bespattered. Which brings me to a personal quirk:  I’ve never understood what people get out of trail riding ATVs for recreation.  Sure the machine is fast and loud and it can splash around in the mud, but riding as a hobby seems like a tedious approximation of real work without any of the rewards of knowing that you are accomplishing anything.  Yeah, I know… all work and no play.

I’m not investing a lot in reseeding since I know that the grass will come back on its own, both from root regrowth and from all the seeds in the bales, but I would like to add some higher digestability forages to the field while I have the opportunity.  I spun on a mix of several seeds:  dwarf essex rape, ladino clover, leftover pearl millet I stored in the freezer from last year, and some really old ryegrass.  I’m not certain that this seeding will catch, but hey, I’ve made worse decisions and wasted a far more than the $100 I spent on this project.

2 Comments on “Mud Seeding

  1. I can tell you what people get out of it…….

    It’s about have little control and going fast and trying to get airborne… And not roll over…

    • Thanks Aud. I’ve done my share of going too fast and being out of control. Getting airborne I try to avoid; not good for the seed spreader on the back of the machine…

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