It Must Be Spring

… because the first spring calf arrived this afternoon.  I thought we only had one cow bred early, but this cute little heifer came from another cow I wasn’t expecting to calve for another month.  Guess I wasn’t paying careful enough attention to the hanky panky in the pasture last summer.

E28 with Luna
The calf got her mother’s whiteface genes and her father’s red coat.  That’s a unique look in our herd since we don’t have any other whiteface cows.

The weather is a bit chillier than I’d prefer for calving, but I don’t foresee any problems.  This calf’s mother is the best cow in the herd, so the calf will be well fed.  With a belly full of milk and some dry hay to keep out of the spring mud and the remaining snow patches, she’ll be fine.  Calves usually spend their first days napping, but a week or two from now she’ll be skipping and running wind sprints while the rest of the herd stands around watching her askance, probably thinking, “Calves these days…”

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