Cornish Cross Chickens

Someone recently asked me what we thought of Cornish Cross broiler chickens.  The answer is complicated (the kids would point out that all my answers are over-complicated) and I won’t try to replicate the exchange or the subsequent conversations we’ve had at home on the topic.  I will agree that as a whole Cornish Crosses are less hardy than other chickens and that they can be more disaster prone, but I still stick up for them.  Like all agriculture, whether you are growing garlic or Gala apples or Cornish Cross chickens, you have… Read More


Our selection of pork sausages gets an addition we haven’t had in stock for many years:  a Cajun fresh style Andouille.  All the spices are certified organic and of course all the ingredients are pronounceable and unrefined. This is a mildly spicy sausage, less spicy than the Mexican Chorizo.  It has enough pepper to notice it, but not enough to leave anyone (except the most tender-tongued) feeling overspiced.  It cooks easily and quickly in a pan, but we especially enjoy it grilled until the outside has a little crackly crust.  Like a… Read More

Apple Blossoms

We’ve had some close shaves with frosts and even a little snow this week, but it looks like the apples are going to pull through without any damage to the blossoms.  Apples are blooming everywhere!


Five years ago I built a portable shade hut for the pigs when we had them in an open pasture.  We stopped using that field for pigs, and the hut has been left sitting out in the field ever since.  But after years of neglect, my plan for this Saturday afternoon was to strip off​ the metal roofing and reuse it for our chicken bulk feeders. Rachel sent me this picture today.  Thunderstorms lifted the hut clear from the mud, tossing and tumbling it three hundred feet. So my project for this… Read More