Vegans, and Solidarity, and Hope

Rachel and I have both been called animal murderers. I understand what people mean when they fling that word at us. Believe me, I carry a lot of killing with me, so I know it deeply. I don’t like the insult, but I understand why in a polarized world someone might feel that we’re too “other” to be reasoned with. Last time I promised I’d give my opinion on veganism. Without being ironic or patronizing, I am glad that people become vegans. I sincerely believe the world is a better place because… Read More

Peak Vegan?

I’ve recently met or spoken with a number of vegans and vegetarians who’ve gone back to adding some eggs, meat, or dairy into their diets. As a purveyor of animal products, I don’t write any of this in a spirit of gloating, but of course I’m glad to have the trust of these folks who are looking for animals raised the way we do it on our farm. (Please note, there aren’t official standards on farmer-customer confidentiality, but I won’t publicize any specifics of these conversations. I realize that these choices are… Read More

Urban Transplants

At my Queens/Flushing Meadows Lake delivery today I was surprised when I found these farm-breed ducks in among a large group of mallards. Being New York, the Mallards were resentful of the way the entitled Pekin and Swedish ducks were rapidly contributing to the gentrification of their lake and changing the character of their neighborhood.


Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to loseNothin’ ain’t worth nothin’ but it’s free Roger Miller via Kris Kristofferson This “freedom” line from Me and Bobby McGee is brilliant because it is challenging to parse, and as the song progresses it becomes clear that the freedom is at least partially ironic. All our freedoms come with their own asterisks and footnotes. I am embracing a new freedom of sorts.  As of the end of this December I’ll be leaving the job that has supported our family and funded our farm as… Read More