The Fencing Project Pallet

One of the persistent challenges for our type of farming is maintaining some organization in the chaos of tools and supplies.  Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve never been good at keeping things tidy.  My workshop is a disaster.  But I’ve made a baby step of improvement, and just that incremental difference makes me feel like there’s hope for future improvements. About a month ago I tackled the fencing supplies.  This includes a half dozen spools of wire, spinning jennys, insulators, staples, tensioners, and an assortment of both common and specialized tools.  This… Read More

Guard Geese

Maybe not a great idea

Tall Grass Carbon Capture

In recent years I’ve come to appreciate the value of grazing chickens and turkeys on taller grass.  My old thinking was that shorter grass would be more digestible and more accessible to the birds.  But now I prefer more mature pastures. With our chicken shelters, we find that the rubber conveyor belt flaps on the leading edge are sufficient to knock down tall grass and to lay it out as a nice mat underfoot for the chickens as we move the shelters.  All that lignified, high-carbon grass acts as great bedding for… Read More

Riding Herd

This week we moved the cattle from the front of the farm to the back end, about a half mile.  Rachel does most of the summer day-to-day cowgirl work and I help with the big moves and roundups. Moving the cattle doesn’t involve much of the TV tropes of whip-cracking and shouting.  Not even a “yippie-kay-yay.”  We’ve learned that moving cattle can be done without much drama, either on foot or gently motoring behind them on the ATV.  The most important parts are (unsurprisingly) thorough planning beforehand and calm, purposefulness during the… Read More