Farmer to Farmer Pasture Walk at Wrong Direction Farm

Wednesday July 21st, 7PM until Dark

Wrong Direction Farm

431 Seebers Ln, Canajoharie, NY 13317

Upcoming farmer-to-farmer event here at Wrong Direction Farm. On Wednesday, July 21st we’ll be hosting a pasture walk, focusing primarily on pasture management in our context for our chickens and turkeys. We raise Certified Organic, pasture raised poultry on our farm, along with grazing a herd of grass fed beef cattle. We sell a portion of our meat directly to customers, and a growing portion of our business is partnering with other farms to provide them chicken and turkey to resell.

The walk begins at 7pm and we’ll go until dark, or as long as you’d like to hang around talking about birds and pasture! We’ll discuss brooding, feeding, labor productivity, season extension, and whatever topics interest the group. Join us for a chance to make connections with other farmers. Let’s learn from each other.

All are welcome, whether you currently have poultry on your farm or not.

Pasture raised chickens, all 100% certified organic at Wrong Direction Farm.

Looking for a pastured poultry farm but outside of our home delivery area? Check our guide to finding pasture raised poultry.

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