At Least Pastures Are Great

This June has brought some exceptional pasture growing weather. With temperatures hanging out in the 70s and rarely going beyond 80, the plant growth has been tremendous. Consistent rain has helped too. The cattle are slick and growing. The chickens have been enjoying the long days and mowing down grasses in their own nibbly way.

AJ is in the back of the shelter helping herd the chickens while I tug it forward with the tractor.

I’m trying to count blessings. The wet spring has been a hardship for gardening, planting, and haymaking. And I’ll admit that I’m already casting nervous glances to the future, wondering about the price of this year’s grain crop and its effect on the price of chicken feed with all the delayed or skipped planting. Keep on the sunny side Dave, always on the sunny side.

Looking in the grain bin and wondering what this will cost in a few months…

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