Cows in the Yard

We have a steep, weedy patch just behind the house.  When we moved here it had a small mowed path through the middle, but the rest was dense overgrown sumac and wild grape tangled under a poplar canopy.  After running the pigs through and then following up with untold hours of chainsawing, we managed to open the understory and get a pretty good stand of orchardgrass and clover to grow there.  There are still some patches of heavy burdock in places where we’ve fed pigs, but that’s a decent forage in its own right so we don’t mind too much.

Today we ran the cattle through the back yard.  They did a great job of mowing things down.  As I’ve said before, I hate cutting the grass and I’d much rather employ an eager herd of cattle to do that job for me.

Cows in the Yard 2
The view out the second floor window.  A few hours later they had things tamed back nicely, with just a few thistles poking up.

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    1. Rustic as in dilapidated… It used to be the farm’s smokehouse, now it is the catch all for pails and brooder equipment. On the downhill side there is a door for tending the smoke. Inside, the beams are blackened from a hundred years of smoked hams.

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