Feeding the Farm Dog

The farm dog has an important role so we try to give an adequate compensation for the services rendered.

Lando eats a local, organic, raw-foodist diet.  This isn’t any sort of carefully sequenced, portion controlled diet.  It is more of whatever comes to hand, and on a farm with livestock, there’s really no shortage of food for him.  One day it might be a stillborn piglet.  Or liver and bones left over from a pork order, since a lot of our customers don’t want the offal.  Or roadkill rabbit.  Or stomach caul fat, intestines, and skin on slaughter days.  When he’s “helping” us feed the pigs he scarfs down spilled grain, so apparently he isn’t a BARF or Prey Model diet purist.  He doesn’t have much interest in vegetables, other than apples and carrots he steals from the pigs.  When he’s in the pastures he likes to hunt mice and voles.  But what does he really enjoy?

What a dog really wants:  turds.  Here he's gnawing frozen cow turds.  But pig, chicken, and cat turds are all relished.
Yep, turds. Here he’s gnawing frozen cow turds, but pig, chicken, and cat turds are all relished.  He doesn’t make a meal of them, but he takes a taste here and there as he finds tempting specimens.

Perhaps not exactly the diet to please a human gourmand, but it seems to agree with him.  He’s got clean teeth, a good heavy coat, and unlimited energy.  Good for him.

Just don’t let him kiss you.

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