Finished with Calving

Calving started in early May this year when a new-to-us cow calved two months earlier than the vet who preg-checked the seller’s herd anticipated.  And we wrapped up this weekend with a heifer calving her first calf about two months later than I hoped (I’m looking for first calf at 24 months, but 26 months is OK).

Peek a boo. Front hooves are out.
The other cattle stop by to visit periodically for licking, sniffing, or flehmening.

Two cows failed to calve.  They were both due to have their second calves this year, and that particular calving is a good test of a productive cow.  Most drama comes from heifers calving, but second calving tends to weed out the poorer-performing cows because that pregnancy is a triple challenge:  the cow needs to finish filling out her frame, feed a calf, and gestate a fetal calf.  One of the cows came into heat this July, the other may be bred but if so, she is barely showing.

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