Great Skies

This week has featured fantastic sunsets with all the rainy afternoons followed by evening sun. We were out doing the poultry chores when we saw a four banded rainbow Wednesday just before sunset. Three of the rainbows were bunched together with a fourth and fainter bow some distance away. I’m not sure if that would count as a quadruple rainbow or two doubles, but it was something none of us had previously seen. Sorry, no photos, we were too busy looking…

I did take pictures of the turkeys moments later. The light made some of them golden.

4 thoughts on “Great Skies”

  1. Hi Dave I It is my understanding and I would like to confirm that when I buy chickens and eggs, from Cairncrest Farm that they are your chickens? The reason I use them is their drop off point is within a couple of miles of my house and much more convenient for me, since I travel a lot and I am not home that often to collect the order. I often have an employee pick up for me and your client set drop off would take a couple of hours accounting for traffic.

    Please let me know if this is how you co-op your farms?

    Diane Katz


    1. Hi Diane, the chickens are from our farm, the eggs are Cairncrest’s own. If you look at their online store, on the line just under the product names they list the originating farm for each item. We have a great partnership that has developed over years. Besides the chicken sales, we work together on all sorts of projects, sharing supplies and equipment, buying in bulk to save costs, and just enjoying the companionship of having other folks who understand the ups and downs of our lives.

    1. I think east-west orientation of the long, narrow valley in which we live probably has something to do with all the rainbows, since the sun can get to a lower angle in the evening before it drops below the horizon.

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