Measuring Up

To determine if a pig is ready for slaughter or to gain an idea of how quickly it is growing, we need to know its weight. The thought of wrestling a pig onto a scale or somehow scooping it up in a sling is humorous, but the method we use is simple. We take its girth and length measurements with a fabric tape.  Using these calculations, we can find out about how much the pig weighs.

Dave measures and I record. Recently I took my camera out with me for the amusing scene.  We throw food out for them and attempt to get the tape around one or another as they all jostle for the grain. Rarely do we get the measurement on the first try.










Rachel Perozzi

Rachel Perozzi

We raise Pasture Raised Chickens and Turkeys and Grass Fed Beef on our Farm in Upstate New York. Delivering to homes all over the Northeast every week.

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