New Delivery Boxes

We’re rolling out new boxes for our home delivery orders of grass fed and pasture raised meat.  I realize the idea of custom-printed boxes is nothing revolutionary, but it sure feels like a big accomplishment for us.

Here’s a look at the new boxes.  If you place an order starting this weekend, you’ll have one of these show up on your doorstep:

Wrong Direction Farm delivers these boxes of pasture raised chicken and turkey and grass fed beef to customers in the Northeast, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.
A turkey on one side of the box and a chicken on the other.

I worked with an artist to adapt photos into sketches.  We began with a whole folder of pictures our chickens and turkeys out on the pastures.  I’m sure I drove her a little nuts with my request.  I wanted to represent the birds and to tie their images to the way we integrate poultry within the larger ecosystem of our farm’s perennial grass pastures. For us, grass fed and pasture raised aren’t just marketing ploys; they are critical parts of an agricultural system that regenerates the soil and biological life of our farmland. Hence the drawing shows grass underfoot and the curved surface of earth to hint that there is much more going on below the ground.

Here’s the evolution from my first prototype to the finished artwork:

We wanted the art to reinforce the message that our chickens are pasture raised.  Pastured chickens and turkeys are more than a marketing ploy, they are a vital part of a regenerative farm ecosystem, working alongside our grass fed beef cattle to create grasslands and forests that contribute to environmental health.
Clearly I haven’t progressed much beyond stick figures, so it helps to find someone who knows what they are doing.

I’m pleased with the look of the boxes and consider them to be a tremendous improvement over plain cardboard boxes with stickers.

Boxes of grass fed and pasture raised meat stacked and ready to go out for home delivery.
Here are the older boxes stacked up in our van for the trip to the UPS shipping hub.

Thanks to our friends Karen and Brad for the use of their beautiful front porch for the photoshoot.  Do you have any pictures of the places our boxes end up?  If so, please share a photo of your box on Instagram and let us know @WrongDirectionFarm.

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