Wrong Direction Farm

Lunch From the Farm

Our first summer on the farm, we picked up three pigs: Victory, Princess Girl and Nellie Olsen.

guess who named her

guess who named her

We kept Princess Girl until she was about 500lbs, so the hams we got from her were on the larger side.

Every once in a while I grab one of her smoked hams from the freezer, boil it and slice it for lunch meat.

so yummy

so yummy

A Visit from the Rainbows

The two Daves walking the pastures

The two Daves walking the pastures

The Rainbows returned this week and brought lots of fun and laughter into our home. Dave helped again with the bull calf management.


Brady baked bread and bagels.


She also helped me set up trotters and chops as well as cook some chops and steaks.


The kids explored the farm, rode bikes, played soccer, chased chickens and got dirty.


We love the Rainbows!