Pounding Posts

Fence posts are going in!  It seems utterly prosaic to you, I know, but for the last seven years most of our farm has been fenced in polywire temporary fence, torn down and reset each time we rotate the cattle.  So this is a big deal for us.  Permanent perimeter fencing doesn’t cost that much in the grand scheme, but it always is less urgently needed than all the other urgent things, so progress has been slow.

I was able to rent a post pounder yesterday.  It needed to be reserved one month in advance, so I picked my date rain or shine, and it rained.  But a rainy day in June isn’t much of a hardship, so I downloaded an audiobook, grabbed a thermos of coffee, and knocked my way through more than a hundred eight foot posts in a 15 hour slugfest.

I won’t be able to do much with the fencing for a couple months as I still have a several of chicken and turkey pasture houses to build, but the posts are in and now I can begin to chip away at the project one fence segment at a time.

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