Snow Birds

The thermometer was at -2 degrees as the sun came up, and we were glad we pushed hard the day before to get the laying hens into their winter housing.  Chickens are unperturbed by cold weather, so long as they can be dry and find shelter from the wind.  Each year they appear startled by the first snow, but soon they discover that snow is edible and after that first indecisive day they seem to accept and to appreciate it.

A group of hens exploring the lane outside the hoophouse.
Old thistle stalks make good perches.
Everybody stops back inside from time to time to fill up at the feeders.
Even the Cornish chickens are foraging in the weeds.

2 thoughts on “Snow Birds”

  1. I hear you Dave. You describe my situation to the letter and I am only one year away from making the same move. But…one more year buys me a deer fence for the new orchard, perhaps a tractor to replace my 1945 Ford 2N, and time to reinforce the net underneath.

    But, truth to tell, we leap and God or the universe or whatever you wish shall catch us just like my daughter leaping from the top step. She never doubted, I never missed. I will be paying you a visit this Spring! Be well.

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