Snow? No Problem.

One of the things I enjoy about cows is how they take everything as it comes.  Two or three feet of snow?  No problem.  Just give them hay, water, and some trees to block the wind while they are napping, and they are fine.

The picture above was taken few hours into Tuesday’s snow.  By the end of the day it was up past their bellies.  They made a few paths between their hay bales and their water, and with enough cattle moving back and forth between the two points they maintained an open lane so that even the yearlings had no difficulty moving across the field.

Reluctant Piglets

The piglets on the other hand needed a lot more persuading to sally forth from their snug hut and out into the snow.  Eventually, after listening to them stand in the doorway and whine at me, I relented and trampled a path for them, which they immediately followed out to their trough.  As a special snow day surprise, I filled their trough with milk.  (Normally they drink whey, but because many milk trucks were unable to move during the highway travel ban most of the dairy farms near me were dumping their milk.  I was able to pick up 1600 gallons of fresh milk from a farm just around the corner.  The pigs were quite pleased with the situation.)

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