Terrace Farming

We had a bulldozer in yesterday cutting a couple of terraces on the steep hill behind the house, making room for a few new chicken brooders. If I could have all the money I’ve spent on terracing over the years, I could buy about four extra acres of flat land. But extra acres aren’t on the market, so we’ve got to make use of the land we have.

After creating the terraces, we dumped and spread six loads of gravel, moved two shipping containers into position, and graded the area to make room for the new chicken brooders. The smaller shipping container will be used as a storage shed for all things poultry related, such as spare parts for feeders, water lines, extra hose fittings, etc. Implementing better systems for organizing supplies and equipment is a high priority for this year.

It doesn’t look like much, but to us it is a big relief to have this area properly prepped.

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  1. I grew up on a ranch and feel sorry for the animals of “newbies” who have been jaded by some of the pictures and poetry about raising animals. I’m not a farmer (other than the garden:-) so can’t speak to very much of that but only imagine it’s about the same.
    Good for you making a difference! More folks need to be willing to learn. I too hope you make the 10 year mark and then some.

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