The Orchard

Like all the other old homes in the area, our place has an old apple orchard.


I am surprised our trees produce fruit since they have hollow cores. How many generations of the previous owners enjoyed apples from these trees I can only guess.


While I like apples, I want to expand our fruit options.


We received some babies in the mail this week.


The kids were enthusiastic at first.


AJ stuck with it.


We now have

two Cherry trees,

two Peaches,

three Plums,

four Elderberries,

two Blackberries

and three Kiwis.


Maybe by my 4oth birthday, we’ll be harvesting fruit!

2 thoughts on “The Orchard”

  1. I am so very fond of trees. What a delight it will be for you to watch them through the seasons, and finally take of their bounty. Also, to think of future generations, such a pleasant thought.

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