What to Expect When Your Meat Delivery Arrives


You’re wondering, “If I order from Wrong Direction Farm what will the box look like when it arrives? What condition will everything be in?”
Those are good questions and I’d like to talk about them with you today.
I’m Dave, a farmer here at Wrong Direction Farm.

And to help answer those questions I decided while I was packing orders yesterday for our regular customers’ shipments to put one extra package together for our family and to set it aside for a whole day and open it today. I think this should give you an idea of what packages look like, how we put them all together, how the ice is stacked in there, all that stuff.

So it’s been a warm summer day. It should be a good test case for the worst case scenario. In the winter it’s quite a bit easier to get packages to you and still keep everything frozen.

So we ship all our orders to arrive via next day delivery with either UPS or FedEx. Everything’s packed in these [grunts] insulated cardboard boxes. A chicken on that side and a turkey on that side.

Let’s go take a look inside the box.

Alright, let’s open up the box and see what we’ve got.

Inside you’ll find this note from us and we would appreciate hearing from you if you have any questions about your order. Let us know. Here’s the contact information.

On the other side there’s this caution about the dry ice we use in the packaging. Be careful. It’s very cold, -109 degrees. It works great for keeping your items frozen but it can also give you frostbite if you touch pieces of dry ice. We put it inside a bag but if there are any pieces that have fallen out don’t touch them with bare hands. Use gloves.

Ok. And here we have the insulation. Now this is paper based. It’s 100% recyclable, so you can just put it out for pickup along with your regular paper and cardboard. We put a lot of effort into sourcing a recyclable product that was also effective and we’re confident in this insulation’s ability to bring packages through some really hot weather.

Removing the paper we have the liner we use to prevent excess condensation.

And inside the liner you’ll find a paper bag. This is the bag that was used to hold the dry ice. Your bag may be completely empty by the time you receive it. That’s OK. The dry ice will have done its job. Dry ice just dissipates over time. Whatever you do, don’t touch the contents of the bag with bare hands.

And now let’s take a look at what we’ve got inside the box.

Everything is still quite frozen. We’ve got some packages of chicken thighs.
I think I did one of each type of meat from the chickens. We have thighs, wings, drumsticks, boneless breasts, a whole chicken, some beef kabobs, and all down at the bottom of the box we’ve got a lot of packages of ground beef.

So that sums up ordering from Wrong Direction Farm. If you have any other questions about what’s in the box, or how the boxes get to you, I’d be glad to answer them. Let me know. Thank you.

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