Mucky Garden and Unwelcome Predator

The sun shone beautifully yesterday for the first time in a long time.

Today we are back to steady rain with more and heavier in the forecast.

We got our garden in a few weeks ago.



Allie planted her row of strawberries.


Despite the over abundance of water and the pesky hens’ attempts to scratch up the entire thing, the garden is growing.






We’ve been taking armed midnight walks out to the chicken tractors to see if we can catch the critter that has been killing our birds.  15 of our meat chicks were snatched along with 6 layer chicks. Our guineas are dead, only two of the chicks born to the three hens this spring remain.

Peck Wilcocks

Peck Wilcocks

Our favorite rooster was scattered from his tree roost across our front yard and down into the lane that opens into the pastures below.  I’ve been sleeping later since he died–no 4am wake up call.  He and the other rooster had come to blows and the lesser of the two must have been cowed out of his roosterness.

The rooster without a name has since this picture lost his rooster characteristics.

The rooster without a name has since this picture lost his rooster characteristics.

He lost his tail feathers, his comb shrivelled up and he stopped crowing.


Two days ago Wilcocks’ hen mother Wild Woman got smashed by a car. What luck.  The two prettiest birds gone in the same week.

3 Comments on “Mucky Garden and Unwelcome Predator

  1. We had 16 chickens dead in one night from a mink it turned out. Caught it in a trap. Vicious little thing would bite and kill and suck blood. Quite a childhood memory. What is your cridder, did you catch it?

  2. Your garden looks like it’s off to a great start. That’s sad about the chickens. Were any of AJ’s chickens lost? 😦

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