$30,000 Worth of Veggies

Not long after Dave pulled into a produce wholesaler to pick up our weekly load of mushy produce, a man approached offering a tractor trailer load of veggies.  The trucker’s reefer had malfunctioned on his trip up from Georgia and his whole load had been frozen: he needed to find a place to dump it. He arrived at our place around 8:00pm that night.  With our backhoe and some chains, we pulled off each pallet, stacked high with boxes of veggies. It wasn’t that simple, of course. It took close to three… Read More

Slaughter Day

Our lives require this day. We can hide it and make it seem shameful, or we can accept our place in the interconnectedness of living things. To separate ourselves from this day would be to dishonor the lives we need, degrade the animals we tend and diminish us as persons and farmers. We stand by, claiming responsibility for the lives we trade for our own. It is the completion of the work that has nourished our minds, hearts and bodies throughout the year. The work itself is good.  The animals we raise… Read More

Compost and Apple Harvest

The 6 foot wide strip garden we put in this summer is about finished producing. We have some late tomatoes still coming on, the popcorn and sunflowers are drying on their stalks, and the coriander seeds are maturing. This past week a chicken got run over on the road.  The considerate man got out of his dump truck to tell us about it.  Turns out he was removing manure from a neighbor’s winter cow barn. We ended up getting three loads of very rich dirt to spread over the garden. We have… Read More