March 2015

Chaurice Sausage

Here’s another sausage recipe we’ve made a few times and enjoyed:  Creole Chaurice Sausage.  The recipe comes from the Times-Picayune Creole Cookbook from 1904.  Andouille is the Creole sausage that everyone’s heard of, but a well-made chaurice deserves as much recognition.  Its name indicates Spanish roots related to chorizo.  Chorizo has evolved along divergent paths, so […]

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Ducks and Snow

Ducks love water when it is liquid but they seem to feel betrayed when it freezes.  When moving through deep powder they use a swimming stroke to propel themselves, floating their breast out over the snow in front of them and half walking, half paddling with their feet.  They usually get disgusted with the whole thing

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Lean and Mean

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) is a lobbyist organization representing most of the major meatpacking organizations in the United States.  Their website explains that their “history dates back to Chicago in 1906 when the Institute was created in response to the passage of the Federal Meat Inspection Act.”  These are the folks who protected the

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