January 2016

The Good Winter

While we’ve felt chilly recently, this winter has been a real pushover.  But even though we haven’t been brutally tested like last year, looking back over pictures of summer fields still manages to bring a pang. I miss summer, but I’m not aching for warmth like I was last year.  It is a nice feeling to …

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Political Farmers

Overheard today a group of farmers talking about how they had visited the USDA FSA office to get their paperwork in order for 2016 funding.  They have bigger plans for this year than last year, so they wanted to get more money for those projects.  Then they started complaining about the EPA having unwarranted authority to …

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Shivered Timbers

Everyone who knew me from my prefarming days knew me as a inveterate builder.  So their questions directed toward me are often, “What’s new with the house?”  And my answers for the last five years have been, “Nothing.”  After we moved in, we patched holes in the roof, fixed a few broken windows, and replumbed the …

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Iced Egg

We had our first dose of winter today, windy and cold.  Cold weather means frequent trips out to the hens to gather the eggs. Most of our chickens behave themselves and lay eggs in the nests, or at least in the cove next to the nest box, but there are four or five hens that …

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