The Gardens in June

We maintain two gardens as well various bits of other plantings.  The two are known as the side garden and the strip garden. Enjoy this glimpse, and if you are in the neighborhood sometime, feel free to stop by and help me weed.

DSCF3520side garden

Our side garden became more permanent with wood chip walkways and a few trellises. I’ve made a few mistakes, but it is far better than previous gardens here.

DSCF3473chamomile path

Transplanted chamomile plants line one of the walkways.

DSCF3509beans on trellis

Runner beans have begun to twine.


Lettuce is thriving.

DSCF3505pinapple sage ant

Pineapple sage is already blooming.



DSCF3519mint and horseradish

Two invasive living together for now: peppermint and horseradish.



DSCF3555plug tray

Waiting for the cumin seeds to germinate.


More starts are on their way.


Green dent corn planted exclusively in pig compost.

DSCF3546end of strip

Planted early on, the end of the rows got mostly eaten by rabbits.

DSCF3536long view of strip

I think there will be enough for us and the rabbits.

DSCF3545sweet potatoe

Sweet potatoes are an experiment this year.


Wheat is a new experiment for us.  It is may not be worth our while to grow it, given the effort in threshing and milling.


It is beautiful, though.


We’ve added some blueberry bushes.

DSCF3547view from strip

This is what I see when I walk up out of my long row garden.


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