Brain Food

I’ve been adding a few chicken heads to our soup recently, but I wanted to see what would happen if I made a batch of broth using heads alone.  So I placed thirty heads in a pot and cooked them down overnight.  After straining and cooling the broth, here are the results: This is as gelled as I’ve seen chicken broth, but the flavor isn’t well-rounded.  Adding salt helps, but there is still a general blandness that doesn’t satisfy me. I think I’ll continue to add a head or two to every… Read More

Right Place, Right Time

I found one persistent dandelion blooming this morning.  The farm was covered in a heavy freezing fog, the rocks and plants were white with wispy frost, and the soil was crunchy underfoot.  But in one clump of trees the frost was light.  And this dandelion was almost entirely frost free, probably owing to the shelter of the piece of limestone above it. Microclimates are curious things.  Creating microclimates is a staple of permaculture discussions, but I’ve never found them to behave consistently.  The means are varied:  creating wind breaks, building solar sinks,… Read More