Bringing Home the Bin

This place is starting to look like a “real” farm, now that we have our first grain bin.  I bought this bin from a nearby farm, and since I had to move it I was scratching the growing bald spot on my head a bit before arriving at a solution. I was in the middle of tearing down an older iteration of an eggmobile to build a bigger portable chicken feeder, so I had this sixteen foot trailer conveniently stripped to the frame.  The tires are mismatched and the lights don’t work,… Read More

Photosynthesis Day

Today was Photosynthesis Day, the first day that green creeps into the grass.  Previously we could find a few shoots of green here and there, but today they developed a noticeable green background.  We continue to freeze every night, but with the warming days the pastures are set to go off. We enjoyed spending the whole day outside, a little wind whipped, but feeling the warm sun was comfort enough. Even the farm cat decided to bring her kittens out from her nest in the woodshed to let them soak up some… Read More

Chicken Brooder Changes

Our first batch of chicks arrived on the farm last week.  The arrival of the chicks marks the beginning of spring for us, whether the weather agrees or not.  Tonight is the first night in a while with the forecast to be above freezing, so it seems winter is reluctantly releasing its grasp a degree at a time. We’ve made a few changes to our chicken brooder this season.  The first change was the addition of a simple tool – an infrared temperature gun.  Ours is just a cheap model, but for… Read More

A Good Winter for Rodents and Rabbits

Mice, rats, moles, voles, rabbits.  Nibbling, gnawing destroyers.  This winter was a good one for them.  When the snow piles up, they are able to reach places they otherwise can’t.  All winter long they assiduously work, and now as the snow melts it reveals the scope of their accomplishments. Two pear trees and all our new blueberries were killed.  Several other trees were damaged, but some of them might survive since the damage doesn’t fully encircle the growth layer.  The rats and mice perforated the lower end of the greenhouse film and… Read More