North Country Creamery

We are delighted to offer grass fed dairy now! It’s always exciting to connect to other small farms with similar practices and offer delicious products that a lot of you have requested. We are now carrying plain and maple yogurts along with Raw Aged Tomme, Feta, and Havarti cheeses. (We are also carrying grass fed butter, but that is for another post.) Not only are the farmers at North Country Creamery committed to caring for the land and treating their animals respectfully, they are providing employment for several people in their community. … Read More

Turkeys and Our Celebrity Summer Intern

Pardon the name dropping, but the first group of turkeys went out to pasture today, under the intent gaze of Harrison Ford who is volunteering his services with us this summer.  How did we manage to get him to help?  Read on, but first let me drag this out with farmy details. Allie has been raising turkeys this spring.  She was reluctant at first, but she negotiated a deal that I’d let her raise eight ducks with the turkeys.  It turns out she has a real knack for caring for the birds,… Read More

Pounding Posts

Fence posts are going in!  It seems utterly prosaic to you, I know, but for the last seven years most of our farm has been fenced in polywire temporary fence, torn down and reset each time we rotate the cattle.  So this is a big deal for us.  Permanent perimeter fencing doesn’t cost that much in the grand scheme, but it always is less urgently needed than all the other urgent things, so progress has been slow. I was able to rent a post pounder yesterday.  It needed to be reserved one… Read More

No Joke!

I (Rachel) thought Harry was playing a trick on me because every time I went down to pick up the crate of eggs he gathered, I’d find several eggs left on top of the crate storage stack. I’d ask him why they were there, and he’d say he didn’t know. So I started getting suspicious of the chickens, and sure enough! I went down mid morning and caught them preparing to lay those beauties in the most convenient place of all. Hmmm…the possibilities that come to mind!