Turkey Everywhere

After a successful season of raising turkeys, we have frozen turkeys everywhere.  The small walk-in freezer is crammed with them, on the shelves and in the aisle stacked right up to the ceiling.  I have another pallet of turkeys at a commercial cold storage facility in Albany.  The rest is stored in a couple of chest freezers we’re using for overflow capacity.  At this point, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to unload them and to finally have room to find items in the freezers without having to unpack towering stacks of boxes… Read More

Grazing in the Woods

Slowly over the last two years we’ve worked on fencing in the woods and then managing it as a silvopasture (meaning wooded pasture).  Lots of good background info on the silvopasturing concept can be found by reading some of Brett Chedzoy’s work here. I’m convinced of the merits of managing cattle and goats in woods, so long as they are actually managed and not just allowed to roam freely for months.  What looks to the casual observer like natural forested areas in our region are often pretty biologically skewed forests, as most… Read More