Thanksgiving Turkeys Are Ready

Our Thanksgiving turkeys are ready! You may place your order for delivery right away or you may choose a date closer to Thanksgiving at checkout. To guarantee you get the size turkey you want, I’d recommend putting in your order soon. Besides whole birds, we also have boneless turkey breasts and breast tenderloins.  We are restocked on turkey wings, drumsticks, and ground turkey.  New this year we’ve added smoked, precooked turkey drumsticks. It has been a big year for raising turkeys on the farm and we are glad to have so much to… Read More

Pasture Raised Shakeup

I’ve been thinking this week about Perdue’s recent acquisition of the largest pasture raised chicken farm in the country.  I had a feeling this was coming, but I only heard confirmation recently. Pasturebird was the real deal, a large scale independent farm that took “pasture raised” as a serious and important aspect of everything they did. I don’t know what Perdue’s goals are, but they’ll certainly be working to grow the business further. Their prices are currently a bit higher per pound than ours, but I’m sure they’ll apply the vast vertically… Read More

Dig This

Five years ago I wrote about digging 1500 feet of trench for buried water lines.  It turns out that on the same exact day this year I was at it again, only this time we placed 1800 feet of pipe, five hydrants, and roughed in the plumbing for one water trough.  I’d gladly take credit for getting better in my old age, but the truth is that the kids are becoming more useful so they contributed to the efficiency of the work. This project is long overdue, but getting weather and time… Read More

A Tornado Hit the Farm

Picking up the pieces.

October on the Farm

We have been enjoying the beautiful early fall days. While installing new tin siding on the back of the shed I have been listening to a book by one of my favorite authors, Wallace Stegner.  He must have understood my joy at being outdoors these days when he wrote this appropriate line: “It is such a morning as all the old remember and only the young belong in.” Turkeys are reaching peak turkeyness, inflated and quivering and proud of their pendulous snoods and wattles.  The steers are beginning to grow out their… Read More