Broken In, Busted Out

Busted Boots

I bought a new pair of work boots, but I always have a hangup with changing to a new pair.  My everyday farm boots are cracked and half separated from the sole.  They protect my feet, except in the places where they don’t…  You might say they have a patina, but I’m suspicious of anyone who uses that word; such a person usually has some worn-out thing to sell.

There sit the new boots with their crisp laces, sharply etched treads, and rich leather smells.  I’m not nostalgic for the old boots, but I always have a moment of regret when I put on a brand new pair, knowing that I’ll get them scuffed, nicked, and generally defiled before the day is out.  I’ll watch as welding slag, brake fluid, whey, and super-sticky newborn calf poop each leave their signature.  After the first day I won’t notice anything.

Update 21 June 2016:

By popular request, here are the new boots.

Stepped In It
The new boots were initiated soon after moving the cattle the next morning.

5 thoughts on “Broken In, Busted Out”

  1. Dave, keep doing what you are doing! And we will keep buying what you grow and raise. It’s the only way and the simplest way to keep you and us and our little world intact. Thank you for your good work.

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