Dirty Pictures

I’m always amused by farm and fence glossy advertisements showcasing products held in perfectly clean hands.  Anyone building high tensile fence has dirty hands; there’s no way around it.  Besides all the dirt from fence posts, shovels, augers, hydraulic oil from post pounders, gas and oil from chainsaws, there’s always a lot of zinc or zinc-aluminum dust from the wire coating.  Even if you wear work gloves for the grunt work, all the fiddly staples and crimp connectors require the tactility of bare fingers.

I’m stapling insulators to pressure treated nailers. Zinc-aluminum coating plus the protective oil coat make for grimy hands.

So imagine my surprise seeing the Kencove advertisement for their Spiralator fence repair insulator.  It depicts hands that have actually been working with galvanized fence wire.

Hey, that’s real!

I ordered a box of 100.  After having used a bunch of them, I’m thoroughly impressed.  Whenever I need to drop a new post into an existing fenceline, or whenever I realize that I’ve threaded too few insulators onto my wire, these little guys are the solution.  They are too expensive to use as generic line insulators, but they are perfect for retrofit situations.

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