Dolma Stuffed Pigs

I had to do a double take passing by a pen of weaned piglets.  One of the pigs was entirely off the ground climbing the fence.  Pigs are not good climbers and this one was no exception.  He only made it an inch off the ground before his back feet slipped from the fence.  But he was determined to get as high as he could, because there was food to be had.  All exertions, struggles, and risks are worthwhile to a pig if there is a chance to get better food.  This time the sought-after food was wild grape leaves.

During the course of the summer, grape vines had overgrown the cattle panel fence.  The piglets stripped the lower courses bare and now they were setting their sights on the vines tangled four feet above them.

I stepped in and tore the vines free so the piglets could get at them.  At first I figured they would be more interested in eating the grapes, but they ignored the fruit and instead went for the leaves.  They ate the grapes later, but only after stripping all the greenery.


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