Freezer Park

Harry is the king of malapropisms around here, and the words and phrases he coins are usually superior to any of the correct ones extant in the English language, so we have adopted some Harry-isms into our vocabulary.  Here’s the story on his latest:  freezer park.

This Saturday I finished installation on our second walk-in freezer.  I built it in the abandoned side of our house (see this post last year about stabilizing the structure).  We all dreamed of converting that room into a kitchen and eventually rebuilding the house starting with that kitchen, but the realities of our situation indicate that we can either try to build a farm or we can fix the house, but we can’t do both.  So we’re laying everything on the line for the farm.

Harry was feeling particularly glum about the prospect of living his life without a single insulated, comfortable room in the house.  He told me that if I had my way, I’d turn the whole house into a freezer park.  And I can see how he is right on with that portmanteau of freezer and trailer park.  It captures the idea of the equipment itself and the mismatched, dingy, and densely packed geography of a trailer park.  We have a lot of refrigeration equipment:  a walk-in freezer in the shed behind the house, the new one in the house, the walk in cooler between the house and the garage, the three freezers and commercial fridge in the woodshed, the five chest freezers in the delivery van, and the 28′ refrigerated tractor trailer body awaiting conversion into a cooler.

So yes, I guess we live in a freezer park.

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