Ice Storm

With the ice accumulations overnight I was wondering if the polywire fences would still be standing when I went out to move the cattle this morning.  I was glad to see that all the fences fared well.

The new electric fence post design is holding up well.
The individual strands of grass are magnified by the encircling ice, so this looks more like a bale of noodles than a bale of hay.  The cattle didn’t have any doubts about it.

4 thoughts on “Ice Storm”

  1. I’m wondering if you give your cattle any sort of man-made shelter while they are out bale grazing for the winter. We include a chunk of hedgerow and woods for them to get out of the wind when they need it, which seems fine to them and with other farmers I’ve talked to. We have an angry vegan neighbor who keeps calling the spca and leaving nasty messes on our facebook, so I’m just reaching out to see what other people are doing.

    Love the blog.


    1. Our cattle have been outdoors without manmade shelter for the past five winters. I think some soft of wind protection is helpful, but a hedgerow or woodlot will serve that purpose just fine. There are some great videos I’ve referenced before by Albert Agriculture showing how bale grazing can be successful in much harsher winter climates than I deal with.
      Sorry I don’t have any advice on dealing with antagonistic people. I’d recommend finding someone sympathetic within the state ag college system if you can. We have a few people from Cornell who understand bale grazing, so if I were being harassed I think I would enlist their help.

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