I was glad to receive a letter from the NY State Office of Agriculture and Markets today granting us our 20C license to Process Food.  The laws governing how foods can and cannot be processed by the producers are complicated.  We work with a great team of butchers who process our poultry, and under state laws they can package them whole or cut up into parts, but they can’t grind, smoke, make sausage, or do any other further processing.  However, now that we have the 20C license we can legally do all those extras using a rented licensed commercial kitchen.

We plan to offer some ground poultry products in the early winter.  Smoked turkey breasts and smoked whole chickens are also products we are considering.  We’ll start with some baby steps to make sure we have things the way we want them.  Keep an eye out for announcements of new offerings in the next few months.


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    1. Thanks Diane. I would have been more intimidated by the process, but I found a guide, someone who had already been through the steps for himself, so he helped steer me through the maze.

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