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As we’ve worked to build relationships with people who appreciate organic/pasture-raised/local/family-based/etc food for themselves, we’ve also gradually found that many of these same folks want to source quality food for their pets.  It is no secret that pet food has long been the dumping ground for all manner of questionable ingredients, so we understand their desire to find food that comes from trustworthy sources.  It isn’t surprising that in a country of overfed yet chronically undernourished people we’d find that many pets are also suffering from analogous debilitating conditions.

I’m glad to announce that we have been able to work with our butcher to put together a nicely proportioned raw chicken blend for cats and dogs.  We use thigh trimmings (bits of meat left over as the thighs are cut off the chicken backs), chicken backs, necks, heads, feet, livers, and hearts, blended in a balanced ratio, ground well, and packaged in 1 to 1.5 lb bags.  I tried to get a picture of the cats eating it, but they all crowded around it and jostled so I had a hard time actually getting the camera to focus on the meat in the bowl.

What can I say.  It looks like pet food…   I suppose I could fancy up the photo with some catnip garnishes or a big cartoon-style dogbone resting against the side of the bowl.

Here are the links to the individual packages.

Ground Whole Chicken

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