Meet AJ, your chicken farmer

AJ is our chicken guy here at Wrong Direction Farm.  As we finish up the pasture season for chickens this week, it is a good time to recognise his work.

In 2013 we gave AJ his first batch of 100 chickens to raise.  He was eight years old and the job challenged him but he enjoyed the project.  Each year since then we’ve approximately doubled the number of chickens on the farm.  This year AJ raised about 6,500 chickens on pasture in batches of 500 each.  This requires tremendous effort and responsibility, and his knowledge and competence have grown commensurately over the years.

The first chickens he raised on his own in 2013

Setting up newly hatched chicken in the brooder in 2017

Standing next to one of the WDF pasture shelters for chickens.

With one of the chickens from the final batch of 2020

If you enjoy eating Wrong Direction Farm pasture raised chicken, this is the guy who makes it happen.  He is out with the chickens several times each day, whether it is sunny, rainy, or snowy.  He cleans out the brooders, moves hoses and water lines, checks perimeter fences, diagnoses problems, and fixes innumerable details with an understanding of what it takes to raise a healthy chicken.  And let’s not forget all the feedings.  This year he poured over 40 tons of feed into feeders, all carried bucket by bucket!

Thank you AJ for all your work this year.  Enjoy your time off.  Next spring we’ve got more in store for you.

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    1. The first and last days in the brooder are the hardest for me because in the early days the chicks need to be checked often so that the temperature does not get too hot or cold, and the last few days because the chicks require constant feeding and new bedding so that it does not get messy.

  1. Wow, he looks just like you, Dave! I miss all of your great farm stories!! Hope you and your family are healthy! Stay safe!!

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