Thanksgiving Turkey Update, and Farm Stuff

The response to our announced availability for Thanksgiving turkeys has been stronger than in past years.  We have already sold 60% of our inventory, so thank you!

As a reminder, you may place your order for delivery this week or next week, but your turkey isn’t guaranteed until you confirm you order.  We are delivering orders the following dates:

  • Tuesday, November 10th
  • Tuesday, November 17th
  • Friday, November 20th

We are not doing deliveries on Tuesday November 24th because that doesn’t leave enough time for defrosting and brining a turkey if there happen to be delivery delays.

Chickens trying to figure out this white stuff.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…  We began this week dealing with cold, wind, and cold.  Nighttime temperatures dropped down to 15 degrees. We were glad we added heaters for the chicken shelters this spring.  The heaters were a welcome addition, bringing the temperature up enough that the chickens remained comfortable despite the cold.  As I write this, the forecast for today is 70 degrees, so the winter coats are back in the closet and we’re wearing short sleeves. Weather whiplash!

I find mental peace in the way farming forces me to work primarily with elemental forces of weather, animal physiology, and plant biology.  With all the sturm und drang of life, politics, and social unease, it is freeing to be able to put all that away as I work and to focus on the peace of wild things.

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