No More Balls

This spring one of my farm efficiency projects has been the standardization of all trailer hitches on field equipment. We have five little utility trailers we constantly move on pasture for water and feed buggies for the poultry, plus another trailer frame that holds the turkey shelter. Four of them used four different types of 2″ ball couplers, one used a 2-5/16″ ball coupler, and another one used an ag-style pin connector. All of the ball couplers were getting worn out, with several requiring hammers or screwdrivers to engage and disengage the worn out lock mechanisms.

So I’ve had enough of that mess. No more ball hitches. Henceforth they are banned. I chopped all the couplers off and replaced everything with lunette rings. The tractor’s three point hitch now uses one pintle hook for everything. It is amazing how a trivial little project like this makes each day so much better when I’m not fighting with my equipment (well, I’m still fighting with other broken equipment, just not this equipment any more).

Rusty collar-type lock off and lunette ring on.
Wedge coupler removed and replaced with lunette.

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