Thanksgiving Deliveries

Note that with Thanksgiving coming up next week, we’ve added an extra Saturday delivery to our schedule. Orders for home delivery this Saturday need to be placed by tomorrow (Thursday the 21st).

We also have a delivery next Tuesday. If you want your turkey delivered on Tuesday, you might be pushing the limits for thawing to be ready for Thanksgiving, especially if you are planning on brining the turkey. Get in touch with me this weekend and we can discuss your options. For customers who want a turkey delivered on Tuesday, we can begin to thaw it in our walk-in cooler and ship it with less ice so it arrives at your house on Tuesday cold but partially defrosted. Give me a call at 518-588-2633 to discuss this option because it requires some pre-planning on our end. Smaller items, like whole turkey breasts can be shipped fully frozen since they don’t require as much time to thaw. All orders for Tuesday delivery must be in to us by Sunday night.

Please note that we won’t have our usual Friday delivery next week because the shipping networks are closed for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Best wishes to all of our customers for an enjoyable Thanksgiving with the people you love. If you take any pictures of your Wrong Direction Farm turkey, please send them our way. We always enjoy seeing what everyone creates with the food we raise.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Deliveries”

  1. Hi Dave I’ve been getting your chickens through my Cairncrest orders. However , I’m now in Florida for the winter. Although I’ve become vegetarian this past year my husband still eats meat. I don’t want to have to buy non free range chicken for him and it’s very hard to find anything with a welfare rating above a 3. I have a full house coming for thanksgiving weekend and I’d love to have some healthy chicken to serve. Would you be able to fed ex an order to me here in Boca? I’ll pay the extra cost of course.

    Diane Katz.


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