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Just a few pictures from around the farm this October.

Pasture raised chickens
Chickens stutting in the sun on pasture earlier this week.
I’ve been working on replacing the horribly warped exhaust manifold in the truck. The engine needed to be lifted because the passenger side lower exhaust studs were inaccessible. After having done it, next time (if ever there is a next time) I’ll start by raising the engine since that simplified everything else. I didn’t want to jack up the engine mainly because I’ve never done that before. Lesson learned.
This young cat found us way out in the back fields. She followed us home and she obviously is not a feral cat. I guess she must have either become lost or she was dumped somewhere near our farm. She has earned the name “The Annoying Cat” because of how obsessively she seeks our attention.
Grassfed herd of cattle on pasture
Cattle grazing on a misty morning. You can tell by the leaves on the trees that this photo was from two weeks ago. Tree canopies are getting pretty bare now. We have just a few days of stockpiled forage left in the fields. By next week Tuesday or Wednesday the cattle will get into the hay bales.

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