Thanksgiving Turkeys Are Here

We’re glad to let you know that our Certified Organic, pasture raised turkeys are ready for this Thanksgiving. We’ll be offering them through the weekend before Thanksgiving. We raised plenty of extra turkeys this year so I don’t expect to run short. We have them available in several size ranges so you can choose the one that fits your holiday meal plan.

Sometimes I get the question, “How big of a turkey should I order?” My general advice is to multiply the number of guest by 1.25. Of course, this all depends on the way you provision your Thanksgiving table. If you are the kind of person who serves up a varied array of sides over several courses, you might want to select a smaller turkey. And if your idea of a Thanksgiving turkey dinner is all about the turkey, or if you find that the turkey leftovers are your favorites, then go bigger.

One note on turkey sizing. We generally avoid exceptionally large turkeys. You can pull it off, but the problem with roasting an enormous turkey comes in getting a consistent temperature. As the size increases, the challenge increases. You’ll find more success in roasting two smaller turkeys side-by-side instead of one huge turkey.

For those of you looking for something other than a whole turkey, we also have turkey cuts available.

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