This Week in Photos

In lieu of writing the normal weekly farm blog post, I’ll just allow some pictures to speak for the activities this week at WDF. There’s a lot going on right now between the cattle, chickens, gardening, construction, and repairs. And repairs. And repairs.

Pasture raised hen with a newly hatched chick.
This two-day-old chick is perched on its mother’s back, the better to survey the world.
Grass fed beef cattle grazing behind the farmhouse.  This patch of grass is mostly orchard grass.  The cattle especially love eating the wide burdock leaves in the spring.
The grass just exploded this week. With the change of season most of the cattle have shed their winter coats, although this steer in the foreground still has some winter fuzz to get rid of.
The cat brought her kittens out of her hiding spot and introduced them to the world. One girl and one boy, both mostly black.
WDF crew setting the cover for a pastured chicken shelter.
Zia snapped this picture of the kids pitching in to help pull the cover onto the newest chicken shelter. With the cover in place, most of the job is complete, and then it will be time to start building another one!
Pasture raised organic chickens grazing on grass at Wrong Direction Farm.
Meanwhile the oldest group of chickens on pasture are sizing up quickly.

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